Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return of James Nichols

Happy new year, fellow James Nichols fans! Unfortunately I failed in my duties late last year by now letting you know that a new video starring our favour South African sex god went live on the EnglishLads website.

A couple of stills are below and the full video is available from EnglishLads (posted to the site 14th October).

Bearing in mind Mr Nichols has cropped up elsewhere in a more conventional modelling capacity, I wasn't sure if this was an old video newly posted to EnglishLads or a brand new video. However, Nick from EnglishLads informs me that the video is indeed new!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

James Nichols on Fit Young Men

I pondered a few months ago what had come of our favourite hunk, James Nichols.

Well I am pleased to say there has been a sighting of the sexy god on a website called Fit Young Men.

Fit Young Men is a new(ish) website that captures sporting young men in their peak physical form. The site is jam packed with great shots of great looking guys. And with a website called Fit Young Men, there can be no more suitable candidate for inclusion than then one and only, Mr James Nichols.

If looking at erotic photos of sporty, young blokes floats your boat (and frankly if it doesn't, what are you doing here?) have a peek at

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where's James Gone?

Not seen any new James Nichols content for ages! Anyone seen him about? I hope the sexy guy is ok! Will have to keep myself with the occupied with the archive at Englishlads I guess!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Other Hotties: Scott Stone

James is my absolute top guy, but whilst you're waiting for your next fix of Mr Nichols, it's natural to look around and admire other hot studs. And I'm really quite taken with this new sexy guy over at English Lads. His name is Scott Stone, his 6ft tall and he is a builder. Wow, can you imagine this guy turning up to do some building work at your house??

Can you imagine Scott and James getting it on in a vid? Please, someone make it happen!

In the mean time, see more of Scott over at

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Treat from James Nichols and EnglishLads

James Nichols is back with a new photo shoot at EnglishLads which will means 2009 will be getting off to a very nice start indeed. James is looking his hottest ever in this new shoot, and we get to see him with fellow EnglishLads favourite, Kev.

After a bit of horseplay, Kev goes down on James - I wonder if they actually have to pay Kev to enjoy such a privilleged position? - and then his attention moves round the back. A toy is produced from somewhere, which James always seems happy to see. It does the trick as per usual and helps James delivers a mighty climax - all over Kev's face.

Check out some of the pics below to get a flavour of what happened...

James is looking amazing... check the arms.

Kev unwrapping his late Xmas present.

And one for the foot fans.

See the whole photo shoot - all 391 pictures - over at

Monday, September 8, 2008

James Nichols and Who?

Someone mentioned James looking a bit like Cristiano Ronaldo in a previous post, which got me thinking about what it would be like to see them two together. So I thought I'd throw a question out to James Nichols fans...

If you could see James Nichols and any other famous male together in some hot video together, who would it be? You can choose any male celebrity or, in fact, any other male adult star (to make it more realistic and to give the English Lads people some ideas).....

Monday, July 21, 2008

92% Say James Is Horniest Guy Ever

Our poll in the sidebar has ended, and with 991 votes cast, 92% of you agree that James Nichols is the horniest guy you ever saw.

The other 8% are booking appointments at their local opticians.